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Earth Overshoot Day marks an unfortunate milestone: the day of the year when humanity has used up all the resources our planet produces in one calendar year. Put simple: it marks the day we've cut more trees than grow back in one year, and caught more fish than are born in one year. This is what we call overshoot. While this can be done for some time, overshoot ultimately leads to the depletion of resources on which our existence depends.

Globally, we now need the equivalent of over 1.5 planets to support our lifestyles sustainably. Put another way, in less than 9 months, mankind will have used an amount of ecological services for which it takes the earth one year to regenerate. The results of our ecological overspending are becoming more clear by the day. Climate change - a result of carbon being emitted faster than it can be reabsorbed by the forests and seas - is the most pressing result. But there are others as well: shrinking forests, species loss, fisheries collapse, depleting soil fertility and freshwater stress to name a few.

Earth Overshoot Day is calculated every year by the Global Footprint Network, based on an 8 year shifting average of a number of key indicators. If you want to learn more about Earth Overshoot Day or the methods of calculation, please visit the website of the Global Footprint Network.


We feel that the overshoot moment is an appropriate moment for a New Year's Eve party. To mark the moment when we cross the line. And to express our resolution to making the party be on a later date next year. A party on the last day of the year we have something to celebrate. And then we'll have to wait 4 months for the new year to begin.