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about us

The Overshoot Party started in 2009 as a spontanuously organized event in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and was quickly copied in Venice, Italy. We encourage anyone who likes the idea to organize their own parties, following local customs for new year's eve. We offer our website (overshootparty.org) to announce your event, so everybody can look for their nearest Overshoot Party.
In the near future we hope to extend this website with a forum where people can exchange ideas for their parties and upload reports, pictures or press coverage of their event. Also we would like to offer a way to interconnect all Overshoot Parties through a video link, and see the connections break up as different timezones enter their midnight overshoot moment.

Our organisation exists of experts, organisors and artists who are specialised in getting across a vision in a catching way. The initiators are:

Committee of recommendation

  • Jan Juffermans (Foundation De Kleine Aarde)
  • Wouter van Dieren (Dutch member of the Club of Rome, director IMSA)


We can be reached at all [at] overshootparty [dot] org