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getting involved

There are several ways of getting involved in an Overshoot Party.

visit a party

Experience the Overshoot Moment together with others and visit the Overshoot Party nearest to you. The Overshoot Party is organized on short notice, as the overshoot date is calculated by the Global Footprint Network throughout the year, and announced only weeks before. Check this website regularly on updates about when and where to go.

organize a party

If there is no Overshoot Party organized nearby, you can organize one yourself. Whether a big party or a small sit-in with your neighbours, the moment of Overshoot should not pass unnoticed. This website gives some suggestions for a programme. Please let us know if you organize an activity, so we can publish it on this website and help others find their way to your event.

help translating

Earth Overshoot Day is a moment that concerns all of us. You can help by translating this website in your native language and make it accessible to more people. Grab the xml, translate all text that's not between brackets like <this>, and send it to translate [at] overshootparty [dot] org.

spread the word

Tell your friends about Overshoot Day, ask your local politicians about their vision with respect to a sustainable future.


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