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how to organize your own local Overshoot Party?

You can shape your Overshoot Party as you like it, but depending on the amount of people you expect here's a few programme suggestions:
  • Invite an informed speaker to address a 'The state of the Earth' speech. This could be a general lecture on overshoot matters, of an overview over the past year: what went wrong, which are the hopeful developments, and what should we focus on for the year ahead. Useful contacts may be found in through the Global Footprint Network, Transition Towns, the Club of Rome, the Peak Oil movement etc.
  • Organize a debating session with your local politicians. What are their concerns for the coming year?
  • Show an appropriate documentary, perhaps 'The End of the Line', 'A Crude Awakening', 'Kooyanisqatsi' or 'The Yes Men'.
  • Serve your local new year's eve treats.
  • Prepare candles and pull the main fuse at midnight.
  • Arrange a band for live music, going unplugged after midnight.
  • Ask your local bookstore to be there with a selection of books that fit the topic.
  • Contact environmentally aware arists to show their work.
  • Make your visitors write down their New Year's Resolution.

press message

The following text can be used or adapted as a press message to explain about Overshoot Day and announce your event: